Simply put, you need a bigger turbo to make more power. This engine is capable on monstrous amounts of power while retaining some reliability, if you know what you are doing. Some of the must have upgrade parts when under the hood of your duramax! While all of the above culminated in the most powerful Duramax produced up to that time, the aftermarket would soon discover that these new OEM features hindered performance gains. You probably want something that spools quick, controls EGTs while towing and is still capable of having some fun on the street (or in the dirt). However, just because it’s the strongest A1000 to date doesn’t mean it won’t slip in an aggressive tune. You’ll find out what we mean below. Without a built bottom end, we would advise against a compound turbo arrangement, as the added boost and drive pressure that comes with those systems puts even more stress on the stock rotating assembly and head bolts. Like all Duramax-powered GMs, and even though the ’11-’16 trucks made use of one of the strongest A1000s built to date, the Allison transmission will still need to be upgraded early in the modification process, namely if you plan to expose it to 450 to 500rwhp on a regular basis. An upgraded LML turbo that lets you fly under the radar and soar past the competition is the Stealth 64! Scroll all the way down to find out more. Prior to our PPE fuel upgrades, the rig had full exhaust, a cold air intake and a combination of PPE and Edge tuning products. Shop the Best LML Duramax Intercooler & Pipe Kit Upgrades for the Optimal Intake Temps. The Best Mods to improve HP & MPG. Sale: $1,539.00. $1,482.72. 5 Forgotten Domestic Engines That Went Against The Detroit Grain, Unkillable Diesels: International's DT466, 25 Do’s and Don’ts of Harbor Freight Tools, Sign up for more restomod content to add horsepower to your inbox. Simply pull the stock turbo and bolt-on the Stealth 64 LML. Price. Duramax Oil Pump LGH / LML. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1747108, '79c67574-a8c7-40ca-a0b9-7d7ce3593014', {}); The Stealth 64 LML turbo is a direct bolt-on option. The FASS 150 includes everything you need to keep your truck running at peak performance and everything you will require for installation. Duramax Connecting Rods LGH/LML. Continue on to the site and look for links to the latest articles, as soon as they are released. LML, The Cp4 earned a bad reputation with a rising failure rate and limited power capacity. Home; About Us; My Account; Contact Us; Blog; Category. Early drivability results also indicate that the module provides a 3 to 4 mpg bump in fuel economy. Help Resources. Checkout. Aftermarket 6.6 performance parts & upgrades for your 2007 - 2010 Chevy or GMC 6.6L turbo diesel engine. It's limited capacity to efficiently move air at high RPM's comes from the overall size of the turbo. A few brave LML owners have pushed a stock transmission to 600HP, but they certainly don't plan to live their long. Shop the Top LML Duramax turbo upgrades and choose from complete turbos or stock turbo upgrades. At any power level beyond 650rwhp, the LML’s factory pistons are at risk of cracking. As always, stay on top of regular maintenance intervals. LML Power, 1. Here are some other articles about LML Performance: This list is a great place to start if you have plans for making power with your Duramax powered 2011 - 2016 HD Silverado or Sierra. Because twin pump configurations share the work load (lending itself to longevity), can support well north of 800rwhp and cost roughly the same as a CP3 conversion that entails a 10mm CP3, a twin pump system gets our vote. Beyond simple bolt-ons—and due to the common-rail injection system—chasing horsepower with these trucks can be fairly expensive. Items (0) | My Account / Hi Guest; 0 Items Items. WARNING REGARDING EMISSIONS LAWS DISCLAIMER Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles anywhere in the United States. Opting for TCM tuning can prolong the life of the stock Allison considerably, so we would always include it with any ECM tuning you buy. To help point you in the right direction, we’ll go over some essential upgrades for the Duramax… You’ll need either a 10mm stroker CP3 or two pumps to maintain rail pressure. Beyond simple bolt-ons—and due to the common-rail injection system—chasing horsepower with these trucks can be fairly expensive. Military Discount. Our Top Picks for Tuners for LML Duramax. Justin Fivella 2016-02-04 Diesel Tech / How-To. By switching to a fixed geometry charger you will sacrifice some low-end drivability, but at this power level you’re usually making a choice to go after horsepower rather than instant spool up. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1747108, '0a1dbaac-b107-47ba-9b44-1be8295868ba', {}); No matter what tuning you go with for your build, just make sure you are confident the tuner can give you what you want: Reliable and Clean LML Power! You can have a truck that is reliable and still capable of having a little fun when you want it to. The S300 single turbo system from Wehrli Custom Fabrication comes with a forged milled wheel S369 SX-E complete with 360-degree thrust bearings, T4 pedestal, up-pipes, a one-piece, high-flow, 3-inch Y-bridge and a 4-inch cold air intake. Item #: LDS-M1002. Powerstroke Diesel . The lift pump you need will also include additional filtration and an air/water separator. Offered in Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra HDs from ’11-’16, the LML retained the same overall architecture of the LBZ and LMM mills (’06-‘10), yet debuted several technological advancements. Cart. Shop Turbo Upgrades for the GM Duramax 6.6L 2011-2016 LML! GMC Duramax is getting a lift kit soon. LML Duramax tuners can take your truck to the next level – not to mention saving some money in your gas budget. Forms - PDF Downloads. Continue on to reading this issue and look for links to the latest issues, straight to your inbox, as soon as they’re released! Best Overall. Each of these chargers is designed to support 650rwhp or more without sacrificing low-rpm drivability. #CleanSweep, Shop now. Most Allison builds come with a triple disc converter, upgraded clutches (namely Raybestos), custom frictions and steels, an upgraded valvebody with fresh solenoids, a modified pump and all new bearings, seals and gaskets. An upgraded cold air intake increases air flow which in turn improves performance and can help you get slightly better miles per gallon. 600HP is fun for the whole family. Although you can save approximately $100 by installing analog gauges along your A-pillar, you’ll obviously be limited to monitoring three fixed parameters. Edge Products’ Insight CTS2—the most popular monitor in the diesel industry—offers you the ability to keep tabs on virtually every parameter the ECM does. Read on to learn more about these awesome devices. Mahle Motorsports Complete Master Engine Rebuild Kit w/Performance Cast Pistons, No Pockets (2011-2016) (0) … Turbo Plumbing & Accessories. No complicated installation, banging on down-pipes, or coolant re-routes to deal with. Reduce EGT's & Add HP with proven results. Price. For the big finale of our Budget Diesel Mods series, we’re delving into the LML Duramax. This includes key vitals like fuel rail pressure, boost pressure and transmission temperature. However, you don't want to make your truck un-driveable from excessive turbo lag. Buy Now Pay Later. Condition: New. add_shopping_cart. Subtotal: View Cart. $87.91. Chemical Guys Closeout! 2011-2016 LML Duramax » Turbo Upgrades. Dealer Sign In. A lift pump is installed between your fuel tank and your high pressure pump (Cp4). Price … 3. Just like the factory turbo on the LML, its downpipe is equally restrictive. Duramax LML. This is the single most important thing to remember when putting your build list together. Increase power and performance in your 2011-2014 GM 6.6L Duramax LML with the Edge Products 29004-D Stage 1 CS2 Performance Package. Helpful Videos; Buy Now Pay Later - Financing; Rewards; FFD Merchandise. Bonus Round: even though custom ECM tuning is not yet available for GM’s latest Duramax, the L5P, we’ve got the lowdown on the first plug-and-play power-adder for ’17-newer trucks. The Cp4 is the high pressure fuel pump that feeds the common rail which supplies the injectors with fuel. From a reliability standpoint—and because the LML’s CP4.2 injection pump is known for premature failure—it pays to install a lift pump as soon as possible. For 600HP you simply need more pump. Modified LML injectors fitted with 45-percent larger nozzles are built by Exergy Performance and available at this price through See the big power has arrived! LML Tuning, It's predecessor, the Cp3, was well known for supporting 600RWHP and being extremely reliable. They supply a constant pressure of fuel set at 5-20 psi depending on the model. Duramax Diesel. Wehrli Custom Fabrication’s CP3 conversion kit is shown here, complete with the reman CP3 it comes with. Performance Roadblocks of the LML Duramax. We invite you to get behind the wheel with us, it's certain to be an interesting drive. You can research #DTCleanSweep, the 2012 LML that has been sporting all the upgrades on this list for a few years now, HERE. LB7 Duramax 2001-2004; LLY Duramax 2004.5-2005; LBZ Duramax 2006-2007; LMM Duramax 2007.5-2010; LML Duramax 2011-2016; L5P Duramax 2017-2020; Current Promo's & Rebates. Click Deleted! hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1747108, '9c91d3e6-51d6-44ff-a127-a166308143d2', {}); Uniquely, the DT750 includes all new electronics, a SunCoast 6R kit with upgraded clutches and extra steels, a Goerrend triple disc billet converter with billet stator and an upgraded valve body along with an optional C3 oiler and/or deep pan. No complicated installation, banging on down-pipes, or coolant re-routes to deal with. To avoid this, we recommend installing an aftermarket lift pump as soon as possible or performing a CP3 conversion. Although aftermarket tuners have yet to crack the code on the ’17-newer L5P Duramax ECM, there is a plug-and-play module capable of adding up to 90 hp to the latest Bow Ties. Subtotal: View Cart. Helpful Videos; Buy Now Pay Later - Financing; Rewards; FFD Merchandise. To reach power levels above above 530 to 540 RWHP this is one of those necessary evils; but I promise you, it is one of the most satisfying feelings once you jump in the seat and take it for a drive. The DT750 is a fully built transmission that is generally on the shelf and ready to ship. A free-flowing exhaust system is instrumental in getting the most performance possible out of your LML. We use the best aftermarket and stock replacement parts to ensure your truck stays on the road and out of the shop. The high quality systems from S&B Filters ease serviceability, match or exceed the factory filtration standard and offer an oiled air filter option that’s cleanable and reusable. Garrett Powermax Turbo Upgrade (600HP) | 886976-5004S | 2011-2016 Chevy/GMC Duramax LML. Forms - PDF Downloads. The Ag Solutions (parent company, Area Diesel) Truck Series Module taps into the factory fuel rail pressure sensor in order to add performance. The factory turbo is just simply not going to make 600HP. In stock form it can support 520-550 RWHP with the help of a lift pump. DTCleanSweep, Each budget assumes you’re starting new, with a bone-stock truck. Stay tuned to see these parts go on! Instead, its state-of-the-art, 30,000 psi fuel system featured the new Bosch CP4.2 and quick-firing piezoelectric injectors. Turbo Install Kits. No different from the ’01-’10 trucks, the ’11-’16 Duramax came without a lift pump from the factory. Items (0) | My Account / Hi Guest; 0 Items Items. Shop the Best LML Duramax Upgrades for Proven Reliability & Power. Sort By: Fleece FPE-DTFL-S3S4 Remote Turbocharger Oil Feed Line Kit, 2004.5-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax (S300-S400 Turbos), LML . 1-800 … Stealth 64, Coinciding with the ’11 HD’s higher payload and tow ratings, an exhaust brake function (technically a turbo brake) was included. This turbo has been pushed to 620 HP in single turbo application and in a twin kit the sky is the limit. Description: 6.6L Duramax LML (2011 – 2016) Turbo PN: 886976-5004S HP: 600 Compressor Inducer: 65mm Compressor Exducer: 91mm Compressor Trim: 55 … The nozzles are also honed to the desired fuel flow level before a final test and balance is performed. HP recepie, Recognizing that every individual's motoring journey is unique, we seek to give form to both untold as well as celebrated facets of the automotive world. Customer Sign In. Like all Duramax-powered GMs, the Allison transmission will need to be upgraded early on in the modification process, namely if you plan to expose it to 400rwhp or more on a regular basis. During in-house chassis dyno testing, the folks at Area Diesel saw a 93hp gain at 2,650 rpm. EZLynk Tuner with GDP Custom Tunes. Factory cooler setups recirculate soot and harmful gasses through your engine causing build-up and clogs, resulting in loss of performance and proven mechanical issues. Checkout. add_shopping_cart. June 3, 2020; Story By Mike McGlothlin; The LML Duramax left the factory packing 397 hp and 765 lb-ft of torque—but the new, more powerful horsepower and torque numbers weren’t the only changes made for the 2011 model year… This version of GM’s 6.6L common-rail diesel V8 deviates from all others in terms of its injection system. 2011 - 2014 DURAMAX LML EGR UPGRADE KIT Installation Manual. You may need it eventually. Shop Now! Save: $81.00. Although we tried to put as much information in as possible, we can't answer every question in this article. Duramax Crankshaft LML/LGH. Any of the options will give you the high pressure fuel supply you need to max out your stock injectors. That is why we put this simple list of 5 things you need to make 600HP and keep your truck on the road. Shop CP4 Pumps & Upgrades for the GM Duramax 6.6L 2011-2016 LML Fuel System! To bring more fuel volume into the equation and vastly improve reliability, many enthusiasts ditch the factory CP4.2 in favor of its predecessor, the CP3. Home; About Us; My Account; Contact Us; Blog; Category. You need something reliable for your build. The kit from Wehrli Custom Fabrication adds a belt-driven CP3 next to the A/C compressor, which allows it to work in conjunction with the factory (valley mounted) CP4.2 to produce adequate rail pressure. For optimized performance from idle to wide-open throttle, the variable geometry turbos offered by Fleece Performance Engineering (63mm FMW VNT Cheetah), Danville Performance (Stage 2 LML BMW 65mm) and (Stealth 64 VVT) are some of the best in the business. Quick View. Subscribe to Us & Get $10 off Instantly. Stock & Upgraded "Drop-In" Turbo Kits. As with any diesel … 3. Thanks to a 20-percent increase in fuel capacity over the CP4.2, a stock displacement CP3 can take advantage of the LML’s efficient factory piezoelectric injectors, pushing horsepower potential into the 600rwhp range.
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