It takes around 10 minutes driving from downtown Banff to the Upper Hot Springs parking lot. This time we would be driving to the end of the road. Sulphur Mountain; The Gondola on Sulphur Mountain . Day Trips. Lake Minnewanka (3,730) 2.9 km. Day Trips. Sulphur Mountain is a mountain in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains overlooking the town of Banff, Alberta, Canada. We crossed just one stream (the only water source) in the beginning where the trail dipped downhill for a short distance to a bridge. This seldom hiked trail is completely in the Glacier Peak Wilderness and is accessed a short distance from hiking on the Suiattle River Trail #784. Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (369) 1.8 mi. The hike takes around 2 hours to complete. The Marsh Loop. See all. The trail begins a steady climb of switchbacks through a brushy forest. Well used and easy to follow. After enjoying the state-of-the-art summit building and interpretive centre, you can take a short walk along the Sulphur Mountain Boardwalk trail. From the valley floor, you begin a gradual non-stop climb through lush vegetation until you reach the ridgeline. Follow Sundance trail 2.6 km to the junction, where you’ll find the Sulphur Mountain Westside Trail branching back to the east. Lodge … Consolation Lakes (5.8km roundtrip) Lake Moraine ; The Consolation Lakes is one of the popular and kid-friendly hikes in Banff. The Sulphur Mountain trail starts at the north west side of the upper gondola parking lot. Jasper National Park. We absolutely did not know this before we took on the challenge. Classic View of Banff and Bow Valley from Sanson Peak - highest point of Sulphur Mountain : View from Sulphur mountain rising above Banff Townsite is visual synonym with Banff NP. Sulphur Mountain is located in the adorable mountain town of Banff, Canada. We'll start by taking the gondola up Sulphur Mountain for the spectacular view and then hiking the panoramic backside trail back down to the village while stopping at the Cave and Basin National Historic Site where the National Park was established. Sulphur Skyline hike. It’s not every day a dinosaur encounters a bear on a mountain. Lake Louise & Yoho N.P & Moraine Lake 1-Day Tour from Calgary or Banff. Alberta, Canada. Get to know the area. A great trail for all levels. Get to know the area. Even though Gondola and Hot Springs have big parking lots, they fill up very quickly in summer. 2. Turn back when the trail departs the river (it continues from there, but it mostly wooded and not as rewarding). How to get to Sulphur Mountain Trail. From the upper terminal a boardwalk leads along the ridge to the Cosmic Ray Station, the true summit of Sullphur Mountain (additional 0.6km). Hiking Trails. Sulphur Mountain Trail This strenuous trail follows a series of switchbacks to the summit ridge, and the upper terminal of the Sulphur Mountain Gondola. The majority of the trail is through the forest, but views of Banff and the valley peak through occasionally along the way. Tunnel Mountain Trail (752) 3.8 km. Back to Alberta Banff National Park Calgary Canmore Castle Provincial Park Jasper National Park Kananaskis Country Waterton Lakes National Park m ft. 10A Editors. It leads to the Cosmic Ray Observatory at the top of this mountain. Bikes are not permitted. Kim wanted to return to Sulphur Mountain and I signed on. In my opinion, the real treat on Sulphur Mountain to ride up, then walk down the old jeep road on the "back" - the opposite side from the gondola. 8:30am - 5:00pm Daily (MT) Search for: Home; Rides. m ft. Canada Hikes Alberta Hikes Jasper National Park Hikes. Riding the Gondola Up To The Top. Lake Minnewanka (3,727) 1.8 mi. My favourite way to run Sulphur is a loop over the mountain: up the main trail to Sanson's Peak, then down the old road on the back of Sulphur to the Cave and Basin. Sulphur Mountain train [ENG] Circular route on foot that runs through the known as "Sulfur Mountain trail". Lake Agnes Teahouse . See all. Grouse Mountain Backside is a 463 m blue singletrack trail located near North Vancouver British Columbia. A full loop (without a car) is about 20km and 950m vertical. Sulphur Mountain Hike. The first part of the journey to the Sulphur Mountain Summit is getting in a cable car! The Sulphur Mountain Trail immediatelyshot straight up after leaving Suiattle Trail, with only a few flat areas in between. You’ll definitely want to bring along a camera and snap a few family photos with the mountains falling off in the background. On your trip to the summit of Sulphur mountain, you’ll soar through the trees, enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of Bow Valley, and experience a rare perspective of surrounding mountain ranges. There are some stairs along the way, but there are plenty of benches to stop, rest and enjoys the view if required. This elevated wooden trail follows a ridgeline along the top of Sulphur Mountain, affording views in all directions. Civic Centres. Saw many beginners taking it easy and enjoying the beautiful views. Highest point; Elevation: 2,451 m (8,041 ft) Prominence: 670 m (2,200 ft) Coordinates: Geography; Sulphur Mountain. A lot of family’s too. A nice 18km hike from Banff Town combining three trails; Sulphur Mountain, Sundance Canyon and the Marsh loop. But there isn’t one. Lake Minnewanka (3,730) 1.8 mi. I have visited Sulphur mountain numerous of times during the course of my life, Over this past weekend I decided to hike to the top. Cave and Basin National Historic Site at its base is the birthplace of Canada National Parks. Parking for the Sulphur Mountain hike is at the Upper Hot Springs Parking Lot off Mountain Avenue. Sulphur Mountain Trail is a 5.5 km maintained trail that runs from the Banff Gondola lower terminal on the ground, all the way to the top of Sulphur Mountain, down around the backside of the mountain and all the way to the Cave and Basin. This is an historical place because it is where Canada's national park system began. Jasper National Park. 7 reviews. You’ll be back at your bikes ready for the mostly downhill ride back to the car. (Note, the ride down is free in the winter, but the trail is likely covered with snow and ice. Hiking Trails. Book direct on this 4 hour Banff horseback ride that climbs two thirds up Sulphur Mountain, past the world famous Rimrock Resort Hotel and underneath the Banff Gondola. The route starts from a hot springs center located just outside the city of Banff. The closest restroom is at the lower gondola station about a 3-5 minute walk away from the parking area. Hiking in Johnston Canyon. . In winter the gondola ride down the mountain is free. It’s 5.3 km’s one way on a series of switchbacks. 7.8 km one way Elevation gain 885 m Trailhead: Cave and Basin National Historic Site, start at Sundance Trail west of building . Here are a few more tips to make your hike up the Sulphur Skyline trail more successful. Bodies of Water. Snow level was at just below 5,000', but soon the trail was fully covered and nowhere to be found. Lake Louise & Yoho N.P & Moraine Lake 1-Day Tour from Calgary or Banff. There are lovely views, the trail is practically deserted, and the rock cuts where the route was blasted out are full of astonishing fossils (remember to look, enjoy, but leave them where you found them). Get to know the area. Hike up to the top of the canyon enjoying great views of waterfalls. The hike took me approximately 2 hours to complete. Definitely challenging and much quieter. The lakes are located beneath Lake Louise and can be accessed by hiking along a short 2.9km trail (one way) … This singletrack hike begins on the Sulphur Ridge Trail with a quick steep descent along a rocky path to the valley floor where a nice campsite is located and a seasonal creek. There are plenty of easy, flat trails around town, you can plan a route or just start following signs and connect several of these trails. Watch for the stream at about a fourth of a mile, this is the only source of water on this hike. In the few weeks since the road has been reopened I have hiked on the Suiattle River Trail and up to Green Mountain. I had read that there was a pit toilet by the start of the trail. Sulphur Mountain is easily one of the most popular hikes in Banff National Park. A series of switchbacks lead to the summit ridge of Sulphur Mountain and the upper terminal of the Sulphur Mountain Gondola (5.4km). This hike primary trail can be used both directions. Distance – 2.8km. Tunnel Mountain Trail (752) 2.4 mi. Trails are usually well-maintained and you can almost always count on meeting or at least passing a few smiling strangers who are also seeking a memorable outdoor experience. Sulphur Mountain Summit Trail (10km roundtrip) Moraine Lake Rockpile and Lakeshore hike (3.4km roundtrip) Sunshine Meadows (7.6km roundtrip) 1. Notice the word “strenuous” in that sentence. Allow at least 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the top. According to, the Sulphur Mountain trail is a strenuous trail that follows a series of switchbacks to the summit ridge, and the upper terminal of the Sulphur Mountain Gondola. I use it as a hill climbing trail running workout, multiples and usually go down the back along the cosmic road. Bodies of Water. Once my friend and I arrived at the top we took the stairs to the cosmic ray station. That is a fun run! Toll Free: +1 800-661-8352 or 403-762-4551. @scree_dust . Lake Louise & Yoho N.P & Moraine Lake 1-Day Tour from Calgary or Banff. Tunnel Mountain Trail (752) 2.4 mi. Our hike today was to the top of Sulphur Mountain on the backside on this trail we call the Cosmic Trail. These cable cars are secured with glass on all sides, with 360 views from the surrounding windows. Today Brewster operated gondola Once at the top, take your time enjoying the views from an observation deck that reaches 7,486 feet above sea level or hike the Banff Skywalk, an easy 1 km (.62 mi) walk along the Canada Vista Trail. Day Trips. You can also park at the Gondola and walk to the Upper Hot Springs parking lot. See all. Civic Centres. View Photos. Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (369) 2.9 km. Hourly Trail Rides; Cowboy Cookouts – Ride/Wagon; Carriage Rides; Sleigh Rides; Where We Ride; Close; Vacations. Sulphur Mountain Westside. It’s a beautiful hike up that provides visitors with astonishing views over the Bow Valley and Spray Valley. Johnston Canyon/Ink Pots – 1.1 – 5.6 km, moderate. A network of trails along the ridge, and viewing decks at the gondola station, provide stunning views of the Bow Valley. But as Richard Pastores rounded the seventh switchback Tuesday morning on Sulphur Mountain and spotted “a … 7 reviews. Map generated with my Garmin Fenix 5 GPS Watch Easy Walks from Banff town. Civic Centres. The wind can be strong on the face of the mountain. Sulphur Springs Trail, A 3.8-Mile Hike In South Carolina, Takes You Through An Enchanting Forest Hiking within a South Carolina state park is a wonderful way to enjoy reconnecting with Mother Nature. You can also follow a short trail up to the historic Cosmic Ray Station. Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (369) 1.8 mi. The Sulphur Mountain Trail. Up on top of Sulphur Skyline you’ll have a clear 360 degree view over all the surrounding valleys and mountain ranges. Bodies of Water. The next day we hiked up and down 4700' then biked back out. In 2013 we did it again. Sulphur Mountain trail Hiking trail in Banff, Alberta (Canada). Sulphur Mountain Trail #794. Views from the top overlook the town below as well as the mountains and lakes covering the landscapes The top of the mountain’s observation deck is 7,486 feet above sea level and rises from an elevation of 5,194 feet above sea level. That left "only" a 10 mile hike with those 4700' of elevation gain. Trailhead: Banff Upper Hot Springs parking lot at the end of Mountain Avenue. See adventure #2 Cavell Meadows. The trail featured a series of switchbacks and a lot of friendly people where encountered on the trail. While getting here isn't a difficult hike, you can take the gondola up Sulphur Mountain and hike down the spectacular backside trail to reach the Cave and Basin site. Be careful!) Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. Hiking Trails. From Banff, you can drive yourself, take a public bus or take a free shuttle bus. To reach the top you have two options: take a scenic gondola ride or hike. 7 reviews.
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